Non-Alcoholic Negroni ‘Black Label’ – Gift Box Set

Non-Alcoholic Negroni ‘Black Label’ – Gift Box Set

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Non-Alcoholic Negroni ‘Black Label’ – Gift Box Set

Set Includes
– Three 200ml Non-Alcoholic Negroni cocktails in engraved matte black bottles.
– Premium matte black gift box with silver foil accents.
– Soft felt drawstring pouch with heat-stamped detailing.

Description: Savour the complex charm of our 200ml Non-Alcoholic Negroni trio pack, a crafted blend that tempts the palate. Each sip offers a sophisticated interplay of flavors: the distinctive bitter tang of orange, herbal notes akin to sweet vermouth, and a whisper of juniper, all reminiscent of the traditional components of a Negroni, sans alcohol.

Encased in deluxe matte black glass bottles, each one is a testament to timeless design and the art of non-alcoholic mixology. Their elegant form and intricate engravings represent our dedication to non-alcoholic luxury. This Non-Alcoholic Negroni stands as an exquisite choice for those who indulge in the ritual of drink without the inclusion of spirits.

Negroni History
Our Non-Alcoholic Negroni pays tribute to the original, hailing from Florence in 1919, when Count Camillo Negroni sought a stronger take on the Americano. By introducing a non-alcoholic substitute to gin, we capture the spirit of this esteemed aperitif, embodying both complexity and ease, perfect for any pre-dinner social occasion.

Serving Suggestions
Enjoy the Dr Onyx Non-Alcoholic Negroni poured over ice in a rocks glass, gently stirred to perfection. Garnish with an orange slice or a twist of blood orange, adding a pop of color and a balanced blend of sweet and bitter aromas.

Each Bottle: 200ml, Non-Alcoholic, designed for approximately 2 servings. Ideal for those who revel in the craft of cocktail-making and the essence of timeless tastes without the alcohol.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 11 cm

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