Espresso Martini ‘Black Label’ – 200ml

Espresso Martini ‘Black Label’ – 200ml

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Espresso Martini ‘Black Label’ – 200ml
Unveiling our 200ml hand-crafted Espresso Martini, a symphony of rich flavors and artistry. Begin with the deep, velvety notes of freshly brewed espresso, enriched by undertones of cocoa and a slight hint of toasted hazelnut. This vibrant coffee profile seamlessly melds with the silken touch of premium vodka, introducing a crisp clarity to the mix.

Every sip promises a delightful dance of warmth and vigour, echoing the essence of both relaxation and celebration. Encased in a deluxe matte black glass bottle, the elegance of its form mirrors the sophistication within. The bottle’s intricate detailing is enhanced by engraved branding, and its shimmering finish further elevates the experience, making it a perfect centerpiece for any occasion or a cherished gift for discerning enthusiasts.

Espresso Martini History
What do the Sex Pistols, Margaret Thatcher and the Espresso Martini have in common?  Well, we don’t know if all three were ever in the same bar at the same time, but we do know they all found fame (and some say notoriety) in 1980s London.

There are several claims for the origin of the Espresso Martini. The more common claim was created at Freds Club, a Soho bar in the late 80s by bartender Dick Bradsell, for a young model who wanted something to “wake me up and f**k me up”. We can’t think of a drink that better embodies the spirit of London. With many variations, this perfect recipe combines Vodka, Cold Brew Coffee Liquor, Espresso Coffee Extract, and sugar cane. It’s an ideal cocktail for those who need an extra shot of life to make it through the night.

Serving Suggestions
To serve, fill a cocktail shaker with ice, pour Dr Onyx Espresso Martini and shake vigorously. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with fresh coffee beans.

Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Coffee Espresso, Sugar Cane Syrup, Water.

200ml, 16% Alcohol, Approx. 2.6 Standard Drinks.

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