Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned ‘Black Label’ – 200ml

Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned ‘Black Label’ – 200ml

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Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned ‘Black Label’ – 200ml
Introducing our 200ml hand-crafted Alcohol-Free Old Fashioned cocktail, a modern twist on a timeless classic, tailored for the contemporary non-alcoholic palate. This version captures the essence of a well-aged whiskey with deep notes of amber, hints of oak, and a touch of vanilla flavour – all without the alcohol. It is skilfully blended with a non-alcoholic sweetener and aromatic bitters, achieving a delicate balance that dances between sweet and savoury.

Each sip is a journey through history, reminiscent of classic speakeasies and sophisticated evenings, yet fully alcohol-free. This non-alcoholic Old Fashioned is presented in a deluxe matte black glass bottle, boasting sleek lines and a minimalist design, which reflects modern luxury and elegance. The bottle, enhanced with engraved branding, is not just a container but a statement of sophisticated, alcohol-free indulgence.

Old Fashioned History
The Old Fashioned, traditionally associated with the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky, dates back to 1881. It gained fame through Colonel James E. Pepper, a notable bourbon distiller, who popularised it in New York’s high society. Celebrated in the 1960s Manhattan advertising scene, notably in ‘Mad Men’, the Old Fashioned has evolved over time. Our Alcohol-Free Old Fashioned pays homage to this history, offering the classic taste in a non-alcoholic form, perfect for anyone who appreciates the cocktail’s legacy without the effects of alcohol.

Serving Suggestions
Serve the Dr Onyx Alcohol-Free Old Fashioned gently swirled in a short glass over ice, garnished with a twist of orange zest. Pinch the zest to release the oils over the drink before dropping it into the glass, adding a fragrant citrus aroma to this non-alcoholic classic.

200ml, Alcohol-Free, Ideal for approximately 2 servings.

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