Whisky ‘Black Label’ – Gift Box Set

Whisky ‘Black Label’ – Gift Box Set

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Whisky ‘Black Label’ – Gift Box Set

Set Includes
– Three 200ml engraved matte black bottles filled with premium Whisky.
– Premium matte black gift box with silver foil accents.
– Soft felt drawstring pouch with heat-stamped detailing.

Experience the allure of the ages with our set of 3x 200ml whisky set, presented in a deluxe matte black gift box. This blend is a harmonious fusion of matured whisky notes: smoky undertones, hints of caramel, and a touch of oak, intertwined seamlessly to deliver a rich, multi-layered flavour profile. Each sip is a testament to time and tradition, echoing the histories of great distilleries.

This ambrosial concoction is encased in a set of three deluxe matte black glass bottles, each meticulously crafted to mirror the elegance of its contents. The sophisticated design of each bottle, from its slender profile to its engraved branding and refined finishing touches, captures the essence of luxury, making each bottle not just a vessel, but a piece of art. With every pour from this exquisite set, indulge in a symphony of flavours, refined elegance, and timeless craftsmanship.

Whisky History
Distilleries began producing whisky in the late 18th century. The spelling of the term ‘Whisky’ alters by country, Scottish, English, Welsh, and Canadian whiskies use ‘Whisky’, while the Irish use ‘Whiskey’.  Scottish Whisky must be aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, where it is known as the ‘spirit of the Gods’.  This might explain the ‘Angel’s Tax’, used to describe the amount of whisky lost each year to evaporation during the ageing process.

They must be happy little Angels over Scotland. With more than 30 bottles of whisky exported from Scotland each second,  there’s clearly enough left over for the rest of us whisky lovers.  Dr Onyx Whisky is the best tonic for those in need of a moment or two of quiet reflection.

Serving Suggestions
Serve neat, over ice, with a little water or mixer such as dry ginger ale.

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